with passion.

NOVALIS blends business and culture in a superlative setting located at the centre of a renovation project designed to allow people to feel that they really belong. Those who work here have a special role and see the office environment from a new viewpoint. Today the city has many centres: in other words, the old centre loses its leading role in favour of other areas that develop from dots on a map to become hubs of interest and vitality. It is the general public which demands services and wellbeing in their social and working environments. Renovation, therefore, means meeting today’s need for people to live in functional, diversified and well-linked districts.

A square
in four

These new spaces are located within a rational yet captivating piazza, which mirrors all the features of the NOVALIS project, with its 50,000 sqm of floor space. Fluently designed, it allows users to circulate easily, both conceptually and physically, through the recurring element of the cube: thus we have the squaring of the circle combined with the perfection of each side, parity and ubiquity. Visitors feel induced to enter the cubes where work and leisure activities are taking place: these ‘windows on reality’ allow us to glimpse the world of a range of professions. Another important feature is the centre’s elegant name, the pseudonym of an important German Romantic poet.

New romanticism. A modern space on a human scale.